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2001 Jul 31: Ishmail-2.1.0 is released.

What Is Ishmail?

Ishmail is a graphical mail reader for Unix systems. In addition to features you would expect in any decent GUI mail client, Ishmail:

Ishmail's History

Ishmail was originally developed as a commercial product by H & L Software. In May, 1999, H & L dropped the product and released the source code under the GNU General Public License. As of this writing, the original H & L website, www.ishmail.com, is still in operation.

Kevin Remhof began maintaining a separate website for Ishmail, but no significant progress was made with the program.

In early 2000, Kenneth Herron and Evgeny Stambulchik independently began to work with Ishmail. The two made contact after Evgeny started a Sourceforge project for the program, and two decided to proceed with Evgeny's source code base.

Building Ishmail

Ishmail is written almost entirely in C++, with some C. Ishmail requires X11, XPM, and either Lesstif or Motif.
The Ishmail build system uses Autoconf.


The Sourceforge Ishmail Project page

Ishmail Frequently Asked Questions


The latest release: ishmail-2.1.0.tar.gz

H & L's Ishmail documentation